Denamarin Reviews

Read what pet owners who have treated their pets with Denamarin have to say about their experiences with the product.

Well worth the money

My boxer who is now 2 and a half has had high liver enzymes since he was about 6 months old and was placed on Denamarin. His liver enzymes went down some after 3 months and then the vet wanted to do a liver biopsy. We asked if we could continue the Denamarin for 6 months and see if the liver enzymes continued to go down before putting our boxer through a liver biopsy. The vet agreed but doubted that the liver enzymes would go down alot. I am glad to say that our boxer's liver enzymes went back to normal and he did not have to get a liver biopsy. I read the reviews before we started using Denamarin and was just so excited that his results were so positive. Denarmarin is well worth the price and it truly does work. Thank you Denamarin.


My vet recommended I give this supplement to my ten year old Labrador Retriever who appears to have a "beat up" liver. I found the best price on Amazon! So far I haven't had any problems and have been giving them to my dog for about a month now. I will not know the benefits until she has bloodwork done again but I know that Nutramax makes good products.

denamarin may save or prolong life

I am giving both of my elderly dogs (14 years old next week) Denamarin, and I couldn't swear to anything, but it seems to have improved their health, if not saved both of their lives. Both of them have had improvement in their liver counts after taking Denamarin.

Does The Trick

Much less expensive through than through the vet. These tabs have protected my Golden for many months against liver problems associated with Metacam dosage. She's an elder who tolerates well.

Very satisfied customer

This product helped my dog, who has liver problems. The company I purchased it from was very reliable.

Elevated liver levels

It hasn't been a cure all but it has kept Dusty's liver levels somewhat under control. Tests found nothing causing the elevation, so this is our best option. He still drinks tons of water but has good enegy level, eats well, etc for 11 years old. My order must have been back ordered....had to wait over a week to even ship but I was kept informed...but now I see the price has gone down.


Denamarin for dogs has been instrumental in my dog Jessie's recovery from 2 acl surgeries during the past year. The anti-oxident properties promoted good healing of the repaired ligaments. I would recommend this product for any dog that needs extra anti-oxident protection or help healing from physical trauma.


This drug helped maintain good liver function in my pet during his bout with seizures and the resultant cocktail of drugs he needed to combat them. He is now gone but not forgotten and I believe the Denamarin helped extend his life if not to improve the quality of it.

Didn't work for us

The product didn't help my dog's liver enzymes, but that could just be our luck. The tablets are a little bigger than I would like so you have to use more of whatever product you use to hide it (we use liverwurst and it works like charm!). This product is definitely better than the chewable version as my dog hated those and they are even bigger than these pills. Plus the dosage on that is very misleading, making it an expensive option.

Impossible to administer

These pills are huge and apparently taste foul, so it's been impossible to get my dog to take them. I'd put our success rate at about 30%, so besides being frustrating it's been a pretty expensive exercise in futility. My dog is taking an antibiotic pill that's just as large, but we're able to halve it and hide it in food, so I know it's entirely possible to do. We're going to try the Denamarin chewables next and hope we do better with those. For the record, my dog is a giant breed, so I can only imagine what folks with a "large dog" that's only 35 lbs has to go through to administer this supplement!


I purchased this product because my dog has liver damage caused by a really bad case of pneumonia two years ago that affected his liver enzymes. His liver blood levels were up a smidge and my friend told me about this product. I wanted him to take all 30 pills before I take him back for his blood check to see if this truly works. I'm praying it does so we don't have to spend another astronomical amount of money with ultrasounds and biopsies on his liver. I will update on this med after his blood check.

Expensive but worth it.

This is seriously a miracle medication for my lab -- diagnosed with Liver cancer a few months ago, he seems more energetic and lively than I have seen him in many many months, and his blood chemistries are all normal. This is, though, very expensive. My Vet keeps saying "what a miracle medication and it's so cheap)....yeah, well, 160.00 a month isn't all that cheap, but it's worth every penny to give him an extra Golden year....

Didn't work for me

One of my dog's liver chemicals was too high (in the 2000 range when the norm is less than 100). He didn't really show any symptoms but I started him on this anyway just to be safe. After 3 months on this, very expensive, medicine I retested him and now the chemical is at 2400. I took him off it since it appeared to have not beneficial effect whatsoever.

Looks to be a great med

Our Labrador was basically at deaths door with liver problems but after a week of this med she was almost back to 100% (or as close to 100% that a 12 year old dog gets).....not sure if it was JUST the medication but our Vet thinks so.